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Cross Border Oenology and Viticulture Centre Danube Terraces Ostrov and Silistra

The Cross Border Oenology and Viticulture Centre «Danube Terraces» represents the institutional framework for stimulating and promoting cross-border relations between businesses involved in oenology and viticulture, located in the border regions of Romania and Bulgaria. The Centre approach is to integrate business and technical support services, as identified by Romanian and Bulgarian producers and specialized businesses to be required for a harmonious development and as a platform for seizing local and cross-border opportunities.  

The Cross Border Oenology and Viticulture Centre «Danube Terraces» addresses to businesses, mainly SMEs and other individual forms of economic activity active mainly in agriculture, in such domains as: viticulture, wine producing, producers of goods and equipment related to this industry, trade with wine and fruits, interested and capable to develop cross-border relations and exploit opportunities generated by operating in the border area, the free movement of goods and services, and the ever growing flows of business and cooperation in the border area. Geographic coverage of the Centre - the Ostrov-Silistra area, namely Constanta County, Calarasi, Teleorman and Giurgiu counties and Silistra, Razdrag and Ruse districts. However, the Centre is opened to all requests and cooperation proposals in its field, whatever their origins on the Romanian – Bulgarian border, provided that they are interested in and have the potential for CBC relations.

The Centre activity its based on a relevant partnership formed by two specialized professional associations in Ostrov-Constanta and Silistra, and providers of services and intelligence of high value added, extensively required for businesses sustainable development: a faculty of agricultural sciences, a research station specializing in viticulture and agriculture, and a chamber of commerce. They have agreed to participate actively in the project, contribute to developing the services and complementing its services with specialized resources and coaching. Now, at the end of the project, was created an operational partnership, establishing in detail every organization’s contribution to Centre’s objectives and activities. A permanent flow of business information, information on partnership opportunities, common actions and further projects will animate this partnership regarding the operation of the Centre. 

The headquarters of the Centre is located in Ostrov-Constanta County, at the very Romanian – Bulgarian border proximity, while its sub-centre was created in Silistra, Bulgaria.

All services provided by the Centre promote and support cross-border business development and relations, by covering both business and technical services, free-of-charge and paid, based on a clear price strategy. Additionally, conscious of the need to follow national and European specific strategies, the Centre will permanently promote a sustainable viticulture and production methods, the regional and cross-border business integration into the relevant development strategies, and the use of local resources.  Also, best practices among wine producers and viticulture, as well as experience exchange and joint initiatives will be promoted at cross-border level.

Nine (9) persons are working at the Centre, of which 7 persons in Ostrov and 2 persons in Silistra, especially hired for this purpose by the two associations. The staff will work part- or full-time, depending on the request for each service.

The operational management of the Center is provided in Ostrov by “Danube Terraces” Professional Association of Wine and Viticulture Ostrov, Constanta County, and in Silistra by a mutual Decision Committee formed by the two Bulgarian partners.

A Consultative Committee, formed by the representatives of all partners, play a special role in propsing and agreeing upon the strategies of the Center and the common action programmes, to recommend new cross border projects, etc. It will meet at least twice each year.

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