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Bulgarian wine - Targovishte wine cellar


Added on: 18.08.2017, Last update: 18.08.2017, Expires on 01.02.2020

Target countries: Bulgaria


LVK-Vinprom AD 7700 Targovishte, Bulgaria
29th January Str
(+359)0601 69663
Chardonnay - High-quality white wine with rich fruit aroma, well-balanced taste with impressive aftertaste.
Muscat - Appealing light hay color with greenish hue and crystal-clear brightness. Distinctive Muscat aroma with hints of forest grasses, ripe fruits and grapes. The taste is well-balanced, pleasant and mild with long-lasting aftertaste.
Traminer - High-quality white wine with a beautiful light hay colour, combined with brightness and clearness.It has an intoxicating aroma of roses and ripe fruits. The taste is harmonious and crisp in the mouth conveying smoothness and refreshment.
Riesling - Light hay color with greenish hue. It is characterized by smooth and gentle aroma. The taste is fresh and round, with mineral tones, honey and forest herbs.
Bulgarian wine - Targovishte wine cellar


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