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Hebros wine cellar


Added on: 18.08.2017, Last update: 18.08.2017, Expires on 01.02.2020

Target countries: Romania


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· Bowl Red - Bowl Red is a late ripening variety. The drifting begins most often in the third ten days of April and its grapes ripen at the end of September or early October. The duration of the grape period to maturity of the grapes is about 170 days.
· Chardonnay - Taste varies depending on origin and vinification; In the area of ​​Chablis there are notes of green apple, in the more southern parts of the melon, even with nuances of citrus and banana; The stronger chardonnay is often attributed to the taste of butter or nuts; The most suitable for aging in white wine barriques.
· Sauvignon blanch - Dry wines, known for their fresh fruity aroma and taste of fresh peppers, asparagus and black currant; The noble sweet wines of Sothern contain 20% Sauvignon Blanc.
· Riesling - Fine, elegant bouquet, aroma with notes of white flowers, lime color, peaches, citrus. The characteristic acidity and delicate piquancy complement each other and create a long-lasting and rich flavor. When aging it develops neat to wax and oil.
· Traminer - Intense aroma with predominant notes of rose and exotic fruits, golden-yellow color, high alcohol content and relatively low acidity.
· Dimyat - As a wine variety it is used mainly in two directions - for the production of pleasant, table, dry white wines, which are distinguished by a discreet vanilla flavor and for the production of a wine distillate (due to the high acid content it is very Suitable for the production of cognac distillates with excellent qualities).
· Furmint - Heavy, high acidity and extract; Even as a young dry finnint shows remarkable character, complete body, intense taste; The wines of the Aussel category, produced from selected dried grains (asu), are highly appreciated.
Hebros wine cellar


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