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  • 1Cross-border business promotion and development
  • 2Technical services for viticulture businesses
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Project objectives

General objective

... to contribute to the economic development of the broader cross-border region Ostrov-Silistra, by supporting the wine & viticulture sector representing a competitive advantage.

The general objective will make a direct contribution to and facilitate the identification, if not the creation of exploitable opportunities by maintaining a high level of business intelligence on local and cross-border resources, strategies, development projects, and make them available to its beneficiaries through various business and technical services. On longer terms, once the businesses developed, the area will enjoy a more sustainable growth based on new jobs, more stable and better paid, as well as through a larger income tax base.

Specific Objective 1

... to stimulate cross-border business cooperation in the wine & viticulture sector

Stimulating the cross-border cooperation in the wine & viticulture sector through initiating and developing joint ventures, common investment projects, joint innovative approaches, under a set of integrative business and technical services, will promote the cross-border dimension of the available opportunities and and knowledge in the border area.

Specific Objective 2

... to raise businesses awareness and facilitate access to cross-border business support and tools

Even in cross-border context, businesses need support, assistance and specialised services throughout their entire lifetime, from start-up to mature phase, in difficult times, for development and going international, as cross-border is a good choice for all these phases.

Specific Objective 3

... to facilitate the professional cooperation and integration of research, training and business-support organisation in the benefit of the cross-border wine & viticulture sector

Facilitating a professional and integrated cooperation between business and technical services of the project partners will allow for a coherent and synergic flow of activities and services in favour of cross-border cooperation, eliminating all redundancies and increasing efficiency.