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"Danube Terraces" Professional Association of Wine and Viticulture Ostrov

Non-governmental organization.

The Association consist in 6 important companies operating in the south-east of Constanta County, has good cooperation relations in the benefit of its members with other businesses and viticulture organization in Constanta County, including research stations, also in other Danubian Romanian counties, as well as Bulgarian – Silistra, Ruse and Tarnovo with similar associations. Association’s members are involved in large development projects of viticulture and production modernization.

The Association aims at developing and promoting oenology and viticulture in the context of a sustainable development, in Ostrov area as part of the broader transnational region. Its main activities generating important results include the support for its members and area in trade promotion, cross-border and international economic relations, being actively involved in the rural development and cooperation with local actors. It is very visible in national and international fairs, following the national and European viticulture strategies of improving competitiveness of wine producers, in order to reposition them at international level; in local and cross-border actions of promoting an integrated development by valorizing the rich cross-border historic heritage (Roman and medieval vestiges), traditions in the region (festival of wine& bread). As the Association operates by the border, constant and fruitful relations between wine and viticulture producers on both sides have been developed, meetings between them being organized frequently, the use of facilities from the other side of the border being already a custom (lab analyses, specialized agricultural equipment).


1 Regiei Street, Ostrov, Constanta County, Romania

+40 241 610.122