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The Viticulture and Wine Producers Association in Silistra

Non-governmental organization.

The Association aims at the mutual support and respect of its members. It is involved in supporting their economic activities related to viticulture, grape production, wine production, research and experimental activities for viticulture, with an accent on preserving traditions in Silistra region. Also, it is involved in strengthening and promoting the viticulture and wine sector imagine. It facilitates business contacts and partnerships in this sector, in the benefit of its members. The Association has been representing its members in regional and national fairs, developed intense relations with higher education institutions to promote vocational education among members (Superior School for Agriculture Ploviv) and it undertake joint research, experimental and demonstrative actions at local level with the Experimental Station for Apricot Tree and Agriculture. The Association has developed cooperation relations at international level, including with Romanian counterparts and especially with the neighboring Ostrov association and wine producers. Interests vary from experience exchange, legislation and technical standards, as well as using wine production infrastructure that lacks in Silistra region.


33 Drustar Street, Silistra, Bulgaria

+359 89 9930.210