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Our services

  • 1Cross-border business promotion and development
  • 2Technical services for viticulture businesses
  • 3Training services
  • 4Information and documentation
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The headquarters of the Centre will be located in Ostrov-Constanta County, at the very Romanian - Bulgarian border proximity, while its sub-centre will be created in Silistra, Bulgaria.

Center’s activity will be organised on the "solve or guide" principle: all requests will be treated with information and primary assistance services. In case the requests exceed the in-house competences, the client will be guided to the nearest specialized support service, such as its partners - chamber of commerce, university or research centre.

The Centre will provide its services under the following operational units:

1. Services of cross-border business promotion and development:

The centre will offer information and assistance in business promotion and development, as follows:

Information services on cross-border business opportunities (Ostrov):

  • Business offers and requests (offers and requests of products, services with cross-border potential)
  • Information on public procurement tenders in the region of the Romanian – Bulgarian border, related to wine, viticulture, related goods and equipments, accessories.
  • Offers and requests of technology exchange
  • Promotion of researches results towards the viticulture and oenology  sector
  • Information on Romanian and Bulgarian legislation
  • Information on financing sources for common initiatives

Facilitation of cross-border business partnerships and contacts:

  • Business or business-innovation partnerships between companies and R&D centers (meeting and partnership rooms);
  • Study visits, exchange of experiences;
  • Economic missions;
  • Organisation/participation in fairs and exhibitions (Ostrov);
  • Permanent exhibitions of the project partners’ members products and offers (Ostrov).

Value-added services (Ostrov):

  • Primary assistance for identification of financing sources for cross border initiatives in the economic/R&D domain.
  • Primary assistance for finding the specific law from the neighbour country, standards, etc.
  • Accountancy, sources of funding, and juridical assistance

2. Technical services for viticulture businesses on both borders, with an complementary approach:

  • Laboratory of organoleptic analyses (in Ostrov)
  • Laboratory of microbiology (in Silistra)
  • Laboratory of agrochemical analyses (in Ostrov)

3. Training services:

The Centre will organize short and longer trainings and vocational training for adults, both qualification and specialisation, in both Ostrov and Silistra (Ostrov: training facilities). 

4. Services of information and documentation on general cross border topics:

The library and the multimedia room. In Ostrov the unit will also have three PCs with internet connection that allows interested companies to navigate online, while in SIlistra one computer. (Ostrov)

5. Center’s helpdesk and basic services:

  • secretary services - taking phone call messages, fax, email; Romanian/Bulgarian translations (and vice versa); mailing correspondence of contacting companies/organizations from the neighbour country
  • guide services to library, multi-media, internet and databases navigation.

6. Viticulture added value services stimulating research and innovation:

On both border, the Centre will administrated one plot of land each, cultivated with grapevine and dedicated to experiments and demonstrations, both for internal use and for projects. 

All services will be provided at Centre's premises in Ostrov, while the Silistra Sub-centre will provide the following services, all located in the sub-centre premises:

  • Information services on cross-border business opportunities
  • Facilitation of cross-border business partnerships and contacts
  • Value-added services (primary assistance for identification of financing sources for cross border initiatives in the economic / R&D domain, and primary assistance for finding the specific law from the neighbour country, standards, etc.)
  • Training services
  • Laboratory of microbiology


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